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Dental Technology that Can’t Be Beat

For the best in dental technology you won’t find a better practice than Yellow Springs Dental. This dentist’s office in Frederick has what it takes to give you and your family a lifetime full of healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Technology Matters

A healthy mouth starts with a great dentist and modern dental technology. Dr. Richard Rogers and Dr. Trevor Maples are passionate about all things dental and it certainly shows.

Using the latest in dental technology you and your family will be comfortable, decay, and disease free when you become a patient of this Frederick dentist’s office.

Dental technology offers you and your family plenty of benefits when it comes to teeth and gums.

Below are a few of the dental technologies that you will find from Yellow Springs Dental.

  • Air Abrasion Technology
  • Anesthesia Wand
  • Cone Beam CT Imaging
  • Dental Implants
  • Digital Dental Impressions
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Oral Appliance Therapy
  • Intra Oral Camera
  • Laser Diagnosis and Treatment

All of the above modern dental technologies will help you and your family combat tooth decay and gum disease, but that’s not all.

In addition, Dr. Richard Rogers and Dr. Trevor Maples also use they’re tools to examine your chewing system.

If you follow the Yellow Springs dental blog you will remember that a solid foundation is vital to the way your teeth come together. Moreover, it is important for your dental restorations as well.

Your Frederick dentist uses OAT, or oral appliance therapy, to fix your chewing system. Consisting of muscles, tendons, nerves and tissue, your chewing system must be in good working order.

If it isn’t working properly you could grind your teeth, bad for restorations, or have extreme pain in your joints or jaw.

Dental Technology You Can Count On

One of the best things about dental technology is that it calms the most anxious patients.

The dentist’s from this practice in Frederick offer sedation dentistry so that you or any other member of your household, can receive the dental work needed without remembering a thing.

Sedation dentistry is incredible and offers relief whether you suffer from mild or extreme dental fear. This is just one more reason to become a patient of this family dental practice in Frederick.

Dental Care in Frederick

If you would like to learn more send a direct message to schedule an appointment. You will feel like you have come home the minute you step through the door.

Schedule a consultation with Yellow Springs Dental today.



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