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Frederick Maryland Request an Appointment Yellow Springs Dental The Golden Rule of Patient Care Local Dentist Frederick The Golden Rule of Patient Care Yellow Springs Dental Request an Appointment Best Dentist Frederick Maryland The Golden Rule of Patient Care Yellow Springs Dental Request an Appointment Best Dentist Frederick Maryland Request an Appointment Yellow Springs Dental Best Dentist Frederick Maryland The Golden Rule of Patient Care Yellow Springs Dental Request an Appointment

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness.

Welcome to Yellow Springs Dental

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Best Dentist Frederick Maryland
Best Dentist Frederick Maryland

Our Vision

At Yellow Springs Dental, Dr. Richard RogersDr. Trevor Maples, and our team offer gentle, patient-centered care. Understanding that your oral health is as unique as you are, we focus on your dental goals and desires. By listening to you, our doctors are able to find the treatment approach that’s best for you and your smile.

Our doctors and team members are personable and approachable. We want to learn about your life, and look forward to your visits as a time to strengthen our friendship. We’re here to serve and help, and enjoy doing so.


(301) 663-1700

Office Location

2100 Old Farm Drive,
Suite 1F Frederick, MD 21702


Monday: 9:30AM–6PM
Tuesday: 7AM–4PM
Wednesday: 7AM–4PM
Thursday: 8AM–4PM
Friday: 7AM–3PM

Some of The Care We Provide:

Consultations are offered at our Frederick, MD general dental office. We serve Middletown, Urbana, and surrounding communities. Call to learn more about the gentle, patient-focused care we offer and schedule a consultation.

Treating you and your family the way we would treat our family


We believe that you deserve a dental practice where everyone is committed to listening, provides guidance and support, and encourages you to take control of your smile’s health. We’re respectful, compassionate, and professional. Each of us is attentive to your comfort and strives to ensure your visits are pleasant.
What we offer

Our Primary Services

4 Seasons Dental

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry describes all the procedures used to arrest tooth decay and other diseases in the earliest stages. The goal is to keep you as healthy as possible and maintain your natural teeth for life.

4 Seasons Dental

Pediatric Dentistry

Your child won’t keep his or her first teeth forever, but that doesn’t mean those tiny pearly whites don’t need conscientious care. Maintaining your child’s dental health now will provide health benefits 

4 Seasons Dental


If you experience ongoing pain in the area near your ear, your jaw or the muscles on the side of your face, possibly accompanied by a clicking or popping sound or restricted jaw movement, you may be suffering from TMD

4 Seasons Dental

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

SRBD is characterized by recurrent episodes of reduced or interrupted respiratory airflow. This is caused by soft tissues near the back of the throat collapsing during sleep so that they partially close off the windpipe.


Cosmetic & General Dentistry

The practice of dentistry encompasses an amazing array of services and procedures, all with a common goal: to help you to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible, ensure your oral health, and keep you looking.

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Orthodontics Treatments

What a difference straight teeth can make! A great-looking smile can boost your self-confidence and have a positive impact on social and professional opportunities. Orthodontic treatment is the original smile makeover tool

Financial Options

No Insurance – No Problem

Introducing YSD Perks. Yellow Springs is excited to announce just launched or Membership Plan. YSD Perks provides the professional oral care you want and deserve at an affordable price. 

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Yellow Springs Dental is offering Virtual Smiles Consultations. Simply follow the instructions below to begin.

Upload a selfie style photo of your smile.

Our Team will put together recommendations and send via email.

We’ll then schedule a VideoChat or in-office visit to explore your options.


Creating Expressions of Confidence

Everyone at Yellow Spring Dental looks forward to meeting you. We’d love to be your dental health partner, and help you attain a healthy, beautiful smile to share with confidence.

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