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A Custom Made Mouth Guard is Wise

April is National Facial Protection Awareness Month and during April Yellow Springs Dental spreads the good word about the importance of a custom mouth guard.

In addition to helmets, custom mouth guards are just as important especially when it comes to teeth and gums.

All Sports are Safer with Mouth Guards

According to your dentist in Frederick nearly every sport would be safer if a mouth guard was part of the equation.

While you might think your balance beam fanatic will be fine without one you won’t think so if a fall means a trip to the ER.

Surfers, mountain bike riders, martial art enthusiasts, skateboarders and racquet ball lovers could all be safer with a custom made mouth guard in Frederick.

Yellow Springs Dental explains that mouth guards, regardless of the type, prevent trips to the hospital, knocked out teeth and permanent jaw damage.

National Facial Protection Awareness Month

During April your Frederick family dentist shares the importance of facial protection. Firstly, when a mouth guard is used there is less change of serious injury. Secondly, a mouth guard could prevent a broken jaw.

When used with helmets custom mouth guards are extremely helpful when it comes to preventing all types of mouth injuries.

Types of Mouth Guards

According to Yellow Springs Dental there are three types of mouth guards. Standard, boil and bite and of course custom made mouth guards.

Your dental team in Frederick has the knowledge and the experience to create custom mouth guards for the entire family. Mouth guards that won’t be left in the gym bag.

Unfortunately both standard and boil and bite protectors, while giving the athlete something that is better than nothing, are often left in the locker room.

Why, because standard and boil and bite protectors are made from heavier plastic. In addition, they are not custom made. That means you will have problems breathing and talking.

Custom Made Mouth Guard

Yellow Springs Dental can’t stress the importance of mouth protection during National Facial Protection Awareness Month and all year round.

When you add an additional layer of safety to the picture you are keeping your entire family safe from mouth injuries.

A custom made mouth guard is made to fit from an impression and are so comfortable you and your kids will forget you are wearing one.

Still not convinced? Call and send a direct message for an appointment, or have a chat with Yellow Springs Dental. You will be glad you did.

Talk to a team member today.

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