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Aesthetics of the Face and Smile: Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile is very often an element to which we attach a lot of importance and care. It reflects our personality and, in a way, reflects our state of mind. That’s why we always want our smiles to always be flawless. However, several factors, such as old age, diet, and consumption of products, have consequences for the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Today, the decision to go to the dentist is no longer just a problem or pain, but more and more about dental aesthetics.

What is Dental Cosmetics?

Cosmetic dentistry seeks to provide different treatments and dentistry techniques to improve the visual appearance of the teeth. You can opt for this if you want to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and the harmony of your smile. The results of dental care driven by this area offer fast, effective, and lasting results that can last for several years. Especially since most techniques present a less invasive aspect than conventional dental surgery and are thus less painful.

It allows you to act on several levels, namely to modify the shape, size, or even the alignment of certain teeth. It can also provide a repair and corrective role in cases of chipped, cracked or missing teeth.

Some possible treatments:

Teeth whitening: a treatment to lighten teeth by eliminating enamel discolouration.

Dental veneers: Veneers are glued to existing teeth in order to hide a cosmetic problem or defect.

Composite: consists of an injection of resin to hide a stain on the tooth.

Dental implant: Placed upstream of a crown/bridge or denture, the implant is installed in the jawbone and replaces the root of the tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are a type of restoration that perfectly matches the tooth and restores it to its original form and size. A crown is used to protect and strengthen dental elements that cannot be restored with filler. Broken or shattered teeth, extensive decay or restoration, a tooth that has had a root canal, cosmetic enhancements, or a cracked tooth are all indications of a crown.

Although there are various types of crowns, porcelain crowns are the most common due to their natural-looking appearance. They are long-lasting and will provide you with a beautiful smile.

As for it, the bridge (also called a fixed bridge) makes it possible to replace in a fixed way one or more missing teeth. Crowns secure the pontic (or artificial tooth) to the surrounding teeth permanently.

How is the cosmetic dentistry consultation carried out?

In cosmetic dentistry, the practitioner sets out to analyze the patient’s smile and face before proposing cosmetic prosthesis techniques to achieve the desired correction. It must be said that the disgrace of the teeth is often due to congenital defects, badly positioned, coloured, misshapen or decayed teeth. Having a dental prosthesis that is too old is also a cause of the imbalance in the harmony of the face. In the opinion of psychologists, having an uninviting smile can really have consequences on one’s self-esteem and on the quality of one’s relationships with those around him, whether in the professional or personal field.

In addition, the fear of going to see a dentist can lead to a certain breakdown in long-term care with rather disastrous consequences for patients. They end up with teeth in a very advanced state of disrepair.

Traditional Porcelain Dental Veneer

To obtain cosmetic teeth, the bonding of porcelain veneers is a very common practice. These are porcelain shells permanently bonded to teeth that have been discoloured, worn, misaligned, or chipped. Porcelain veneers are, above all, non-porous and offer perfect resistance. This is because when a facade is firmly glued to a solid substructure, such as a tooth, it becomes very strong and durable. Note that a traditional porcelain veneer is essentially a conservative crown and allows the visible part of a tooth to be protected while preserving a large amount of the natural tooth.

Contribution of the Dental Implant

To obtain cosmetic teeth, the dental implant cannot be considered a full-fledged cosmetic procedure. However, it can achieve a final aesthetic result. Indeed, most people who consult for the improvement of their dentistry have a tooth or teeth compromised or weak. Placing an implant then restores a compromised tooth by removing it to install the implant. Often, the upper teeth have devitalized root canals and anchor posts. It is also very common to place implants to restore the front of the mouth.

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