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Are Your Dental Restorations Being Checked?

Dental restorations. They make teeth look amazing, but sadly, not all dentists check dental restorations when they get old.

Yellow Springs Dental checks veneers, fillings and implants to make sure that your jaw and bite are in tip top shape before proceeding with any type of cosmetic dentistry solution.

Sadly your fillings, crowns and bridges may not be holding up because of a chewing system issue.

The team from Yellow Springs Dental checks your teeth and gums and your chewing system before recommending any type of solution for chipped, crooked or missing teeth.

Dr. Richard Rogers and Dr. Trevor Maples have the experience to recommend any type of dental restorations as long as your bite and jaw joints are in good shape.

Your Bite and Jaw Joints

Your bite and temporomandibular joints are extremely important when it comes to teeth and gums.

If you have a cross, under or over bite or suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder dental restorations will not stand the test of time.

People who have bite and jaw joint problems have a tendency to clench and grind teeth. This is very hard on teeth and dental restorations.

All of that pressure is just as hard, if not harder on your restorations. Your teeth are as strong as your bones but your crowns and fillings are not.

Any added pressure to your dental restorations will cause additional wear and tear. So much so, that your veneers and crowns will wear much quicker than they are supposed to.

When you become a patient of Dr. Trevor Maples or Dr. Richard Rogers you won’t have to worry about your restorations as both will check your bite and joints before proceeding.

Restorations and Wear and Tear

While dental restoration wear and tear is normal from chewing and biting, abnormal wear isn’t.

When people clench and grind teeth, chew on ice or anything for that matter, dental restorations will pay the price.

Yellow Springs Dental checks your dental restorations along with your bite and jaw joints. Doing so tells Dr. Rogers and Dr. Maples the real story as your restorations will show abnormal wear.

Dental Restorations in Frederick

If your smile is not looking as good as it used to call Yellow Springs Dental. The team will be able to determine why you aren’t getting the wear you should from your porcelain veneers or tooth colored fillings.

Your bruxism dentist in Frederick will also be able to tell if the problems are stemming from you jaw joints or bite.

If you haven’t had your dental restorations checked lately, call or send a direct message and schedule and appointment with Yellow Springs Dental today.

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