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Transform with a Virtual Smile Design Consultation

At Yellow Springs Dental, we understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. With our team of skilled dentists, Dr. Trevor and Dr. Richard Rogers, we strive to provide top-quality dental care, including Virtual Smile Design to our valued patients.

Whether you require routine check-ups or advanced cosmetic treatments, our dedicated team is here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

The Convenience of Virtual Smile Design Consultation

We are excited to introduce our innovative Virtual Smile Design Consultation service, designed to bring the expertise of our experienced dentists directly to you.

Say goodbye to multiple in-person visits and lengthy treatment planning processes. With our virtual consultation, you can save time and still receive personalized treatment recommendations

How Does the Virtual Smile Design Consultation Work?

Our virtual consultation process is simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is just take a selfie and send it back to us with a few answers to questions. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Capture Your Smile: Use your smartphone or camera to take a clear and close-up selfie of your smile. This will help our dentists assess your oral health and identify any specific concerns.

Step 2: Answer a Few Questions: We will provide you with a short questionnaire to gather essential information about your dental history, concerns, and treatment goals. Your answers will help our dentists better understand your unique needs.

Step 3: Submit Your Information: Send us your selfie and questionnaire via our secure online platform. Rest assured that all your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and privacy.

The Expertise of Our Dentists

Once we receive your information Dr. Richard Rodgers and Dr. Trevor Maples will analyze your facial features, teeth alignment, and overall oral health to develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

Personalized Treatment Recommendations

After a thorough assessment, Dr. Rogers or Dr. Maples will provide you with detailed treatment recommendations to address your concerns and help you achieve the smile you desire.

Whether you require teeth whitening, orthodontic solutions, or restorative procedures, our team will guide you through the available options and explain each step of the treatment process.

Your Smile Transformation Begins!

Once you have reviewed the treatment recommendations provided by our dentists, it’s time to start your smile transformation journey.

We will schedule an in-person visit to discuss your personalized treatment plan in detail, answer any questions you may have, and begin the necessary procedures to enhance your smile.

A Virtual Smile Design Consultation is Waiting

Yellow Springs Dental’s Virtual Smile Design Consultation brings the expertise of our experienced dentists directly to your fingertips.

Contact Yellow Springs Dental today to schedule your virtual smile design consultation and start your journey towards a confident, radiant smile.


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